QC-keyQC-key by SATCAM, is a USB keypad designed for use with the Quick Circuit circuit board prototyping systems.

Computer-controlled milling processes rely on the use of a mouse or keyboard shortcuts involving multiple keystrokes to control the operation of the milling table. The QC-key provides the critical machine controls as single keystrokes in a compact package only 190mm x 90mm - thin enough to slide away under the milling table.

Pre-programmed functions include spindle on/off; head up/down; jog; move; pause; stop; home position; park position; tool change and material change, as well as cursor keys and a numeric keypad.

Key highlights are:

  • The user programmable/re-programmable buttons, and
  • Two uncommitted keys - provided for user-determined functions.
  • It is thin enough to slide under a Quick Circuit's milling area (*based on non-elevated varient)

QC-key (elevated version)The QC-key is principally intended for operation flat on the bench adjacent to the milling table, however the keypad can also be fitted to an enclosure which elevates the keypad interface to the standard 22° keyboard comfort angle.

Although the QC-key was specifically designed for use with Quick Circuit PCB prototyping systems, the simplicity and flexibility of this neat little device makes this appealing to a wide range of audiences.