RTD Omni-Relay (Mains Isolation Relay)


What is the RTD Omni-Relay?

The RTD Omni-Relay is a versatile mains isolation relay with user-selectable trigger polarity and user-selectable mode (latching or momentary). The RTD Omni-Relay also features a wide 12V to 24V supply voltage range for ease of use.


Power supply voltage:12V dc to 24V dc
Power supply current:25mA max


Change-over contact, one NO, one NC

Maximum operating voltage:240V ac
Maximum operating current:5A resistive
Maximum operating ambient temperature:50°C

Input polarity, jumper selectable:

Trigger requirement (neg): Closure to 0V, require to sink >1mA to trigger
Maximum current: 24mA
Trigger requirement (pos): Requires >1mA to trigger
Trigger threshold ~3V
Maximum applied voltage: 40V

Operation mode, jumper selectable:

Momentary (non-latch):output mimics trigger input
Sequential (latch):output changes state for each trigger signal
Maximum operating ambient temperature:50°C


Class II from input to output


Certificate of Suitability CS10034N issued 22 July 2013 by NSW Department of Fair Trading


The device is to be installed in a location which prevents access to the output connector.
The device is to be securely mounted in its enclosed location, using the slots provided.
Adequate clearance is to be maintained between input side wiring and output side.