Quick Circuit


The sole Australian & New Zealand distributor of T-Tech's Quick Circuit series.

Machines that let you make your own prototype circuit boards in hours!

Model 5000 standard
Model 5000
(Shown: High speed spindle)
Model 7000 D.A.C.
Model 7000
(Shown: High speed spindle)
Model 9000 Hispeed
Model 9000
(Shown: High speed spindle)
Model HF
Model HF
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Some of the benefits...

  • Circuit board prototypes in hours
  • Uses standard CAD (EDA and MCAD) output
  • Mills, drills and routs
  • Analog, digital, RF and microwave
  • Engraves and mills panels
  • Plated-through holes
  • LED illumination of work area standard all models
  • USB work area camera available all models
  • All models include fully-featured IsoPro software

For more detailed information about the Quick Circuit, please visit our supplier's website