Quick Circuit


The sole Australian & New Zealand distributor of T-Tech's Quick Circuit series.

Machines that let you make your own prototype circuit boards in hours!

Model 5000 standard
Model 5000
(Shown with high speed spindle)
Model 7000 D.A.C.
Model 7000
(Shown with high speed spindle)
Model 9000 Hispeed
Model 9000
(Shown with high speed spindle)
Model HF
Model HF (Discontinued)
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Some of the benefits...

  • Circuit board prototypes in hours
  • Uses standard CAD (EDA and MCAD) output
  • Mills, drills and routs
  • Analog, digital, RF and microwave
  • Engraves and mills panels
  • Plated-through holes
  • LED illumination of work area standard all models
  • USB work area camera available all models
  • All models include fully-featured IsoPro software

For more detailed information about the Quick Circuit, please visit our supplier's website